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Telegraph front page The paper says the chancellor is facing a backbench rebellion in the House of Commons over his "tax on strivers". Image caption The Daily Mirror focuses on A&E waiting time figures in England, which were the worst ever in January. "The full scale of the NHS crisis was laid bare," says the Mirror. Image caption The Daily Express reports that the prime minister could trigger Brexit talks as early as next Tuesday. Speaking at her last EU summit before she is due to activate the departure visit this site right here process, the Express reports Mrs May said the UK was on the brink of a "defining moment" and ready to "forge a new role in the world". Image caption The Daily Star marks the return of actor Danny Dyer to BBC soap EastEnders. The paper says the cast and crew are planning a secret party to welcome him back. The fallout from Wednesday's Budget still features heavily in the morning papers. "Tory tax retreat after just 24 hours" is the Daily Mail headline .

is dealing with shifting consumer and shopping trends. Our vision is to be an innovative snacking leader in the marketplace; we are the No. 2 snacking manufacturer in the US $HSY The Hershey Company (@HersheyCompany) March 1, 2017 Americans are eating healthier snacks and they are shopping more online, which makes them less likely to make an impulsive chocolate purchase in the checkout line.Buck said that Hershey is not looking at significantly reducing the sugar in its products, but that it is developing new store displays and packaging, such as stand-up bags, to make its products more exciting for consumers. Brittany Weissman, a consumer analyst with Edward Jones in St. Louis, said it's a "challenging environment" as consumers have "fragmented in their shopping choices." Many are spending more time in the fresh produce and dairy areas and purchasing more protein. Hershey's 2 percent to 4 percent sales-growth target seems realistic, Weissman said, adding that she was surprised at the emphasis the company put on expanding outside confection products. Hershey has not said where it would cut employees but noted they will mostly come from the money-losing overseas business. Buck's presentation in New York, which stretched more than two hours and was webcast, was being closely watched in the กระเป๋า ZARA confections and food industries, as some view Hershey as a potential takeover target. Hershey rejected a $23 billion takeover offer from Mondelez last summer. Hershey Co. is controlled by the $12 billion Hershey Trust and is the largest single source of cash through stock dividends to operate the scandal-plagued Milton Hershey School for impoverished children.

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