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Astrology doesn't work and never worked. Here's why

To top it off, the horoscope he gave out was that of a local mass murderer, Dr. Petiot, who had admitted during his trial that he had killed 63 people. Gauquelin set out to scientifically analyze astrology, and his results came out strongly against his profession. This being said, horoscopes can (sometimes) make people feel better With all this being said, astrology isn’t necessarily all bad. Although astrology has no scientific backing, no consistency and no reproducibility, astrology doesn’t really have the negative impact of some of the other pseudosciences such as anti-vaxxing or homeopathy . In a sense, astrology is a benign pseudoscience — and in some instances, it can even have a minor positive effect on people’s mental state thanks to the placebo effect . Many people believe in astrology, and when they read their horoscope and follow its advice, they feel better. This doesn’t have anything to do with astrology itself, but rather with the way people perceive it. Astrology is glorifying, it gives a sense of communion with the cosmos, and it promises to bring a bit of magic into your day to day life. But at the end of the day, it’s not real.

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“We are deeply concerned about the inland flooding.” Florence would not be the first test of North Carolina manure pits, or “lagoons.” Sixteen lagoons flooded under the foot of rain that came with Hurricane Matthew in 2016. The southeast part of the state is expected to get more than twice that amount in the days ahead, said Bryce Link, a meteorologist at DTN Marine Weather, a forecasting service. There are 62 industrial hog farms within North Carolina’s 100-year floodplain, environmentalists estimate, and Duke Energy Corp has four coal ash sites in the coastal area touched by Florence. If excrement escapes from the lagoons where it is stored, it could potentially contaminate drinking water with bacteria like salmonella, which can cause digestive problems, and, in certain vulnerable patients cause E. coli. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is working with storm-struck states and is ready to respond to any breaches, a spokeswoman, Maggie Sauerhage, said. Animal feeding operations above a certain size need to be “designed and operated to handle the rainfall and runoff from 25-year 24-hour storms,” Sauerhage said in an emailed response to questions from Reuters. Even in the midst of a storm, these feeding sites must report leaks, she said. In North Carolina, hog and poultry waste pits make up 6,848 acres of land according to a report from the Environmental Working Group.